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Types of Makeup Brushes

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Types of makeup brushes

Hey! guys, I wanted to share with you these amazing makeup brushes. As you may know all these specific brushes are from my latest favorite brands.

GloMinerals GloTools Ultra Brush

makeup brushes

GloMinerals GloTools Ultra brush

The best type of application, GloMinerals GloTools Ultra Brush uses dense, soft bristles to provide you with full, yet undetectable coverage. Compared to other makeup brushes, the bristles will not get rid of on your face. They are constructed with the best natural hair bristles and lasting, top quality wooden handles.


Well suited for individuals desiring medium to full dental coverage plans of mineral foundation in addition to a more generous use of bronzer.


Brush of Blush of cream of GloMinerals GloTools

makeup brushes
The Cream Blush Brush is designed to be used with the GloMinerals cream and other soft  minerals. This flat, and circle brush picks up the perfect quantity of the delicate minerals and apply’s on the cheek.  All GloMinerals brushes are made with the finest natural hair bristles and wooden handles.

PUR Skin Perfecting Foundation Brush For Face and Body 

makeup brushes

A soft, and synthetic fiber brush with a soft airbrush, close contact handle that smooths the skin giving an effect that looks like second skin. It can be used to apply cream, powders and tanner on the face or the body. Use the brush with foundation and blend some body cream onto the skin for a perfected look.


Apply makeup directly to the brush and apply to skin with long strokes.

Pair It With:

Bare-It-All 4-In-1 Skin-Perfecting Foundation

 If you have any affordable makeup brushes that you love more than words, I’d love to hear about them!


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