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How to Apply a Simple Makeup Look in 6 Easy Steps

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Simple Makeup Look

Simple Makeup Look is said to be one of the most important tools for women. It helps them in beautifying themselves and enhance their beauties in the most attractive manner. There are number of makeup tools, styles and techniques, which are used by women on different occasions.

Some women prefer to go for simple make look however, some are more interested in the mixture of simple. Which is made with the help of smooth skin tone neutral eye shades and dark lip tone.

Today  the purpose of this write-up is to talk about the simple makeup look. Which can easily be done without any special makeup tools or palettes.

Before digging deep into our topic, I would like to throw light on the origin. Simple Makeup look and how it has evolved over the period of time. Makeup or cosmetics were first introduced by the ancient Egyptians who used lead ore and copper to create makeup. The makeup of that time was scientifically approved and significantly helped people in making their skin smoother, shiner and prettier. However, now if we talk about the makeup in today’s century then, it is capable of helping people in hiding their scares and entirely transforming themselves, so that they can look more beautiful.

If we talk about the basic makeup form then, it is simple makeup look, which requires no special expertise and can be done by those people who have little or even no knowledge about the simple makeup look.

For having a simple makeup look, you are requested to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • First of All, Wash your Skin with Face Wash and Clean Water:

    Simple Makeup Look

As our skin has sensitive layers which are capable of attracting small particles, therefore, when you step out of the house or even stay inside the house, a little dust can make its way to your skin and make it dusty. It is recommended to wash your face with little face wash on daily basis in order to avoid things like dust. Washing your face can be called as a prerequisite for simple makeup look because in this process large quantity of foundation is not applied on the face for achieving the desired results. If your skin type is oily then, just use face wash however, for dry skin it is advised to use moisturizers also.

  • Apply Foundation, If Needed:

    simple makeup look

If you have clear clean skin then, you don’t need to apply foundation however, if you are interested in hiding pores then, you can apply little foundation according to your skin tone and type. It is recommended to purchase only those face powders or foundation sticks, which suits your skin color in order to avoid the fake feeling of too much makeup. Once you are done with applying foundation then, the next step is the application of concealer under the eyes, nose line and jaw line. Concealer will help you in hiding eye bags and nose black heads. Concealer is considered as one of the crucial parts because it helps in enhancing the eye look and also aids in making the makeup more prominent and charming at the same time.

  • Time to Blush:

    simple makeup look

Application of blush is a very significant part because it requires little perfection and skills. First of all, you need to see the shape of your face. After face shape, you need to consider the color of blush according to the occasion and your dress. If you are going to a party then, you can wear light purple blush however, for pure natural look you should go for baby pink blush with no glitter. Red blush is also used by women however; you can make the decision according to your skin type and the occasion. Now, its time to talk about the application of blush, if you have long face then, you are advised to apply blush only on your cheeks in the round direction and if you have round short face then, use the brush in the upward direction. This technique will help you in making your face look natural and achieving the simple makeups look in no time.

  • Apply Eye shadow:

    simple makeup look

For simple makeup look, you need to apply light color eye shades. For instance, if you have whitish skin tone then, you can go for light pink, light gold without glitter and light silver tones and for brown skin tone, you can go for little pink mixed with gold and the combination of light and dark tones. You should never forget the fact that simple makeup look is all about achieving the natural factor therefore, over use of eye shades can result in the change of entire look.

  • Time to Choose between Volume Mascara or Eye Liner:

    simple makeup look

Eyeliner and Mascara helps in enhancing the beauty of our eyes and make them look fresher. If we consider the current makeup trends then, women tend to give more preference to the volume mascara and long lashes than eye liner because it helps them in looking more simple and prettier at the same time. If you are a liner freak then, you can opt for both liner and mascara however, for simple make up look it is advised to go for single liner and volume mascara. You can also change the color of liner according to the demands of the occasion and your beloved dress.

  • Final Touch, Set Your Lipstick:

    simple makeup look

A makeup without lipstick is like a cake without sugar. Lipstick plays an important role in glorifying in your entire makeup look and it won’t be wrong to state that it adds life to your make up. If you are interested in liner less makeup then, you can opt for darker lip tones however; you can also go for lighter lip tone with liner. It is advised to choose the lipstick color according to your skin tone because it will only look good and boost the makeup, if it is matching with your skin color.

Above stated steps will help you in achieving simple makeup look. Try it make us aware of your experience.

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