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Makeup DIY tips

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Some makeup DIY tips that every woman must know

Doing makeup DIY can be tricky. And particularly, if you are not an expert in it, you are likely to find yourself in some trouble. It is done in order to make you look prettier and more appropriate. However, if done wrongfully, it will make you appear awkward. So, here are some makeup DIY tips that you must know.

Turning a pencil eyeliner into a gel

Have you ever thought of turning your pencil eyeliner into a get? Well, you can do so by the help of a match or a lighter. Hold the eye pencil, specifically the one that is harder to apply, in front of the flame for a second. After that, let it get cool for a few moments. Once it is done, you can use the gel liner and achieve that smudgier look.

Making your eye shadow pop

Eyes are arguably the most noticeable part of the face of a person. Women pay a lot of attention in crafting their eyes and making it appear clicking. There are certain shadows that seem sheer. You can use a white eyeliner in order to make it more colorful and more appealing. It will intensify the shadow of your eye, and it will pop rapidly on the surface of your skin.

Cat-eye and wing lines

Ladies love cat-eyes. If you are in an event and have this makeup on, you can be sure that you are capturing the eyes of people around. The trickiest thing in making such eyes is the applying of that winged lines. If you are about to proceed with it, draw the cat-eye first. After that, fill the open space to create the lavish winged line. Using a spoon for its creation can be of great help. Hold the stem and put it on the outer corner. After that, draw the line and keep it straight. It will be the beginning of your cat-eye. After that, you have to flip it in order to make it hug your eyelid. It will let you take advantage of the rounded outer corner so that you can apply the curves to perfection.

Creating the instant smokey effect

Smokey eyes is among the most favorite eye makeups all across the globe. People from everywhere love to have such makeup applied on their eyes. For some people, it can be pretty tough. But the complication depends on how advanced you are going for it. In order to have the simple, super-easy to create smokey eyes, make a hashtag just before the outer edge of your eyes. Then take advantage of a smudger to blend it with the rest of the eyeliner.

So, these are some tips for makeup DIY. Hope that you will find them helpful and will be able to do some lavish makeup from the comfort of your home. In case that you are unaware of how to make use of the makeup kit in right manner, always ask professionals to do the job for you.

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