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Famous bridal makeup

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Famous bridal makeup

Famous bridal makeup tips and tricks

Looking a gorgeous bride on your wedding day is a dream for every girl. A bride blushes in full glamour being the center of attraction on her D-day. Feeling excited and enchanted as the long awaited dreams and fantasies come true you surely want to walk up the aisle looking your fabulous best. You certainly have invested months in planning your D-day look.  Below are a few essential tips and tricks for bridal makeup that will certainly help you look your gorgeous best on your very special day.

Get going to read and know more about the cosmetic scoop for your wedding day!

Begin by cleansing and moisturizing your face

A skin that hydrates well and exfoliates offers a bride the perfect bridal glow and radiance needed. Begin with cleansing to have a perfect canvas. Use a toner and a liquid moisturizer to hydrate the skin. Keep sure to do the basics right and then the make-up will certainly look flawless and you will look your exceptional best on your day.

Get set to use the foundation and the blush

Airbrush the foundation on your skin, however, make sure to choose the right shade of foundation. Use the foundation and a blush with a translucent powder evenly so that it does not look patchy.

Eye shadow colors that work best

Make use of a bone cream eye shadow over the entire eyelash till the brow and then further blend a fawn color towards the creases to add depth. To give a more smoky effect you can add a tinge of dark chocolate shade from the crease to the corner of the outer eye. Make further use of identical color palettes to keep it going through the day.

Tip: Before applying eye shadow dash a good amount of translucent powder below the eyes to protect the eyes from the dark eye shadow.

Get a seamless look with the eyeliner and mascara application

Use a long wear Black eyeliner without any caking and smearing. First, apply the eyeliner along the lash lines than on the inner as well as the upper lash lines. Dab a tinge of white shimmer eye shadow in the inner shadows to brighten the eye. Use the mascara and use false eyelashes to create fullness and fill in the gap.

Tip: Firstly, curl your eyelashes always. Then apply a thin layer of waterproof mascara before applying the false eyelashes. This will add up and give a complete look. Lastly, enhance the natural shape of your brow.

Glam up your lips

Shades of Pink and red look the best on a bride. As per your skin tone and outfit you can choose to opt for a cherry or the lighter plum shades in pink. Begin by outlining the lip and then filling in.

Spruce up your lips with a glossy effect

Complete your bridal look with a shimmering and stunningly beautiful gloss in that curves that smile and make you look more attractive

Opt to style your hair

The hairstyle is like icing on the cake.  Ask for trial sessions from your hairstylists to avoid last minute surprises or regrets on your big day.

Make optimum use of these bridal beauty tricks and tips and ensure that you enjoy your day to the hilt. Stay blessed, happy and gorgeous!

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